Jed bartlet butterball hotline
President Bartlet and the Butterball Hotline

From Season 3, Episode 8 of The West Wing.

President Bartlet on the Butterball Hotline

President Bartlet discovering the pleasures of the Butterball hotline.

The West Wing - President Bartlet walks to the hill.

A clip from Season Five Episode Eight Shutdown. After budget talks break down with Speaker Haffley, Josh Lyman convinces President Jed Bartlet to walk to...

The West Wing - The Paul Revere Knife

President Bartlett gives Charlie his knife.

The West Wing 4x2 Jed Bartlet - American Heroes speech

Jed Bartlet lays it down

A few questions regarding the application of Old Testament law.

Real-Life Jed Bartlet Speech

Martin Sheens speech at We Day 2010 in Vancouver set to W. G. Snuffy Waldens West Wing Suite.

Jed Bartlet 1x4 High on painkillers

West Wing Presidential Debate

President Jed Bartlet vs. Governor Ritchie.

West Wing Lawrence ODonnell as Jed Bartlets Father

Lawrence ODonnell plays Jed Bartlets father in this flashback scene from the Season Two cliffhanger finale, Two Cathedrals.