President jed bartlet quotes

West Wing Bartlets Bible Quotes

President Jed Bartlet of the fictional TV series The West Wing humiliates the socially conservative radio host whom refuses to stand when he enters the room.

Bashing Bible bashers

Extracted from the series West Wing, President Bartlet delivered a KO on an anti gay practitioner highlighting the ridiculous practice of selecting quotes from the...

West Wing - Bartlet & the Bible

Seems apt right now. Great speech, and one of the many reasons The West Wing was such a great series and much missed by me.

The West Wing first speech of the President

West Wing Presidential Debate

President Jed Bartlet vs. Governor Ritchie.

West Wing season 4 episode 15 - President Bartlet

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world. You know why? - Its the only thing that ever has...

The West Wing - President Bartlet and Zoe

The scene after the bar when the President explains to his daughter why security is important.

The West Wing 222 Two Cathedrals - President Bartlet shouts at God

(c) nbc The cathedral scene from Two Cathedrals after Mrs. Landinghams funeral, when the President gives God a piece of his mind. Video content provided...

Are TV Presidents More Popular Than Obama?

Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses a recent Reuters Poll that puts President Barack Obama up against fictional...

Jed Bartlett Shows Us How to Respond To Scott Renfroe

President Jed Bartlett shows us just exactly how we should respond to state Senator Scott Renfroe when he quote Leviticus to bash gay people and deny them...