Jedward panto beauty and the beast

Jedward in Beauty and The Beast Beauty & The Beat - Opening song 4/1/14 evening

Thank you Spotlight Productions for another amazing Panto. Xx.

Jedward Beauty and The Beast - Funny Panto Moments:)

Hope you enjoy this video I made from some of the funniest moments this year. Massive thanks to Kirluvjed, jedhiccup and Bronanski for letting me use...

Jedward in Beauty and The Beast - Wake Me Up (Cup Song) 4/1/14 evening

Thank you Spotlight Productions for another amazing Panto. Xx.

HASHTAG craZy JEDWARD panto Beauty and the Beast 19th Dec 2013 pantomime Dublin Olympia theatre

Jedward John goes hashtag craZy. Cookiemonster ILoveAllJedheads whatthehell surreal Whatwasthat tired justbechilling wevegottofindyouaseat...

Jedward Panto- Beauty and the beast- Pans Single Ladies & WMCA

colm farrell dancing on single ladies.

Save Me Jedrockers! - JEDWARD panto Beauty & the Beast

jedward panto Beauty & the Beast. Edward is a legend! With thanks to Kjed4ever: ...


John waves to audience. Edward throws sparkles over him. Fun!

Awkward turtle jedward pantomime beauty and the beast dec 19th eve 2013 panto olympia dublin theatre

awkward turtle -John says Were so cool the audience response is quiet. Mother says its Awkward turtle and That will teach you to ad lib when John...

Jedward in Beauty and the Beast (Panto) Chase and Marry Me

Chase Scene and Marry Me Performance.

Jedward Story of my Life One Direction Beauty and the Beast panto 21st Dec 2013

Twins sing from Olympia boxes Filmed from Row H, stalls. Switching between shots of John and Edward.