Dammit carl you had one job

Damn it Carl you had one job

Dont let Carl drive lol sharefactory

Dammityou had ONE JOB

Dammityou had one job.

Silver bullet you had one job!!

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God damn it you had one damn job.

This is the second fucking time they have done this....... you had one fucking job... Now you have two.

Dammit Carl

Shut the fuck up carl (Funny)

Random Shut The Fuck Up Carl pictures. Thanks to Karl from where i live and good look in the army.

God Dammit Carl

Pete weber god dammit i did it who do you think you are

Pete Weber, Champion Bowler.

God damnit carl

Get your shit together.

Edits to the sound of ray playing twd

this is my part of the upcoming bas mep heres where id put the link if i had one:..