Million man march impact
Positive Impact Show Million Man March: The Good The Bad and the Misunderstood

We sit down and discuss Louis Farrakhans speech for the million man march... Was it appropriate? What was inspiring? What was head scratching? We also...

Building Sessions ( Million Man March Re-cap ) How did it impact you?

Dr John Henrik Clarke Million Man March & Fake Black Leadership Full Video

Barack Obama PRAISES Malcolm X (1995)

Do you have any Malcolm X or Farrakhan dvds, Books or any other products that you wish to sell? Get started on Shopify for free. It only takes 60 seconds...

Million Man March 10.10.15: Now What? Part 1

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Fake Leadership and The Million Man March pt2

STEVE HARVEY- Act Like A Negro Think Like A Slave

Steve Harvey made a statement that shook the Black world. Do we know what he meant? Does it matter? Can Mr. Harvey recover from what he has said about...