Jed wolfdog actor

Jed for best actor in The Thing 82

The coolest dog ever in his most complex scene. Three takes. Couldve used 2 of them. This is a clip to provoke argument about who the shadow on the wall...

Jed The Wolf Dog

A Video of Jed The Wolf Dog. Made in honor of him and in memory of him. A great loyal friend but also a fierce fighter and warrior.

Wolf Dog Actors in Winter Passage

This 1957 episode of last OF the mohicans, Winter Passage featured the following actors who performed in the 1958 film, wolf dog: Daryl Masters,...

Jeds acting debut

Legend Of The Spirit Dog trailer (official trailer)

Legend Of The Spirit Dog (1997) Jed and his veterinarian mother are looking after a wolf-dog that was rescued from the Alaskan wilderness after being injured...

Wolf Dog Slide Show

Wolf Dog (1958) Full Movie

1950s western shot in Markdale, Ontario with Hollywood actors Jim Davis, Allison Hayes and John Hart.

Henry Danger Scene Last Kiss

Wolfdogs of the Caribbean

The Story of Jed the Dog