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Xing Yi Quan for Beginners

Xing Yi Quan for Beginners. Xing Yi Quan is one of the Internal Arts of Chinese Kung Fu. Xing Yi is spelled many ways: Xing Yi Quan, Xingyi, Hsing I Chuan,...


kung FU quest 2- the origin OF form and meaning The Xing Yi Quan is one of the three major internal style of Chinese martial arts. It is characterized...

Xingyi Five-element Quan Tutorial..

Xing Yi Quan Short Film (Chinese Kung Fu vs. 5 Attackers)

A short film by Martial Arts Instructor Sifu Keith Min showcasing the Chinese Internal Kung Fu style, Xing Yi Quan. About xing YI: Xing Yi Quan is an...

Xing Yi Quan ( Hsing-I, ) 5 Elements and Linking form

Five Element Fist, which is the most important exercise in this style, the life-long-time exercise! from montreal, canada.

The history of xing yi quan

This video is about the history, basic principles and legends of xing yi quan and how it has evolved over the years. For more information please visit us at...

Kung fu quest 2 xing yi quan ep 1 eng sub

kung FU quest 2 xing YI quan EP 1 eng sub Subscribe For More Kung Fu.

Wu Dang XiangYi Quan Liu Wen

Wu Dang XiangYi Quan Liu Wen from WuDang Taoist Traditional Kung Fu Academy. , Email:...

Xing Yi Quan Demonstration

Demonstration of Xing Yi Quan by sifu Zhao Qiu Rong of Jing Wu Kungfu Netherlands, given at the stn Taiji Festival on November 3, 2007 in Amsterdam.

Kung Fu Top 10 Strikes of Xing Yi Quan

Kung Fu Top 10 Strikes of Xing Yi Quan - Xing Yi Quan is also known as Hsing I Chuan or Mind Form Fist or The Fist of the Form Which Depends on Your Will!