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Land Documentation Is A Challenge - MD, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance

Government should do a survey and get land records updated. In rural areas, people dont get their property mutated or go to the local bureaucracy to get teh...

Housing Finance and Private Capital

The consensus among policymakers and industry stakeholders is that the private sector should have a leading role in housing finance reform, supported by an...

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281 500 9045 In House Finance Autos Brokers Company is the preferred used car dealership in South Houston, Texas providing...

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Mr. Sanjaya Gupta - MD pnb Housing Finance features on Bloombergs weekly show Inside Indias Best psus. Hosted by Mini Menon, Mr. Sanjaya Gupta...

Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Follow the adventures of Bob and Sally as they learn all about the Washington State Housing Finance Commission and the programs it offers for home buyers.

IFC Housing Finance: A Home is a Basic Human Need

A home is a basic human need. Yet, for many, affording one is out of reach. By 2030, the global population will reach 8.3 billion, with 60 percent living in cities.

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The video shows how a meeting that started on a good note suddenly went sour.