Da vinci pinsel petit gris pur

MY TOOLS: ink! (January 2016)

Hello! Ive decided to do something a little bit different this week and share with you the tools Im currently using when Im drawing with inks. I didnt include the...

Da Vinci Squirrel Brushes

The particular attributes of Russian Blue Squirrel tail hair, including its water-holding and paint-holding capacity, makes it especially ideal for water media.

Hjortgatan, A watercolor by Erik Lundgren

A watercolor painting made with Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Rose, Yellow Ochre and Nickel Azo Yellow. * Several people...

Top 10 Paintbrushes to buy

Top 10 Paintbrushes to buy 1 Permalba Oil Brushes, Pure Red Sable, Set of 7 2: Global Art Materials Escoda Joseph Zbukvic...

Painting with Watercolor and Copic Waiting for You time lapse speedpaint

Visit my channel and subscribe Last Speedpaint Begonia: Facebook:...

Da Vinci VIRTO 2015

Auf vielfachen Wunsch aus unserem Kundenkreis sind nun auch in diesem Bereich unsere Vorstellungen für einen modernen, virtuellen Pinsel Realität...

Raphael petit gris extra pur serie internat. 8383 fr

Meridas daughter BRAVE in watercolor

Raphael lavis petit-gris 803 fr

Da Vinci presents COSMOTOP-SPIN Synthetic Brushes

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