Land at kasoa ghana
Homes in Ghana Atlanta Georgia Estates at Kasoa

Are you looking for a home outside of America? Do you want to repatriate to or own a time share in Ghana? Or are you looking for your first home? Atlanta...

Babies at Royal Seed Home (Orphanage), Ghana kasoa Ofaankor

Royal Seed Home (Orphanage) in Ofaankor, Kasoa Ghana. Royal Seeds cutest twins. I think you will understand why its impossible to not miss them. May 2011.

President Mahama inspects Kasoa Interchange

President John Mahama has responded to critics of the Kasoa interchange. Inspecting the interchange at Kasoa in the Central Region, Mr Mahama explained...

Edziban yoo mart kasoa

Kwame Dzokoto visits Yoo Mart at Kasoa, Ghana.

Prez Mahama promise to compensate affected people at Kasoa Interchange project

Great Andoh, Kasoa Ghana

A film from my visit at Great Andoh, Kasoa Ghana. March 2012 Keep up the good work Emelie.

NPP Rally at Kasoa

Prez Kufuor and Nana Akufo-Addo in a convoy to their rally grounds in Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana.

Have You Been To Kasoa,Ghana

A clip of my visit to Kasoa, Ghana Oct. 2012: This Ghanian woman is selling us a chicken for dinner. She lives beyond the walls of De Crib Hotel in Kosoa,...

Ghana, Kasoa, Accra1

An in depth look at the life of the Kasoa people and the child labor that goes on.

Kasoa, Ghana