Jed bartlet speeches
The West Wing 4x2 Jed Bartlet - American Heroes speech

The West Wing first speech of the President

Real-Life Jed Bartlet Speech

Martin Sheens speech at We Day 2010 in Vancouver set to W. G. Snuffy Waldens West Wing Suite.

West Wing - Bartlet & the Bible

Seems apt right now. Great speech, and one of the many reasons The West Wing was such a great series and much missed by me.

West Wing Presidential Debate

President Jed Bartlet vs. Governor Ritchie.

West Wing - College Kids

A Bartlet speech about education, in the wake of the Kennison State University bombing.

The West Wing 222 Two Cathedrals - President Bartlet shouts at God

(c) nbc The cathedral scene from Two Cathedrals after Mrs. Landinghams funeral, when the President gives God a piece of his mind. Video content provided...

The West Wing - Dairy Farmers

Jed Bartlett speaks out against agriculture cartelisation in one of his early campaign speeches (Season 2 Episode 1)

The Crackpots and These Women: Bartlets Speech

Great Moments in The West Wing: The ending to Episode 5 of Season 1 of The West Wing, The Crackpots and These Women. Bartlet gives a speech about...

Im Ready

Jed Bartlets acceptance speech at the 1998 Democratic National Convention - Season 2 Episode 2 In The Shadow Of Two Gunman Part II