Jed bartlet abortion

Jed Bartlet lays it down

A few questions regarding the application of Old Testament law.

The West Wing first speech of the President

The West Wing: The Ignorant, Tight Ass Club

See and for the quintessential web pages on homosexuality, homophobia, gay marriage,...

West Wing Bartlets Bible Quotes

President Jed Bartlet of the fictional TV series The West Wing humiliates the socially conservative radio host whom refuses to stand when he enters the room.

The West Wing - President Bartlet walks to the hill.

A clip from Season Five Episode Eight Shutdown. After budget talks break down with Speaker Haffley, Josh Lyman convinces President Jed Bartlet to walk to...

Bashing Bible bashers

Extracted from the series West Wing, President Bartlet delivered a KO on an anti gay practitioner highlighting the ridiculous practice of selecting quotes from the...

West Wing and Dr. Laura Parody

President Bartlet rips a Dr. Laura type in this Biblical debate. If Prop 8 passes can we outlaw Football too?

Martin Sheen on His Life, Movies, Celebrity, Peace, the Environment, and Social Justice (1995)

Ramn Antonio Gerardo Estévez (born August 3, 1940), better known by his stage name Martin Sheen, is an American actor who achieved fame with roles in the...

Think homosexuality is wrong?

Clip from the West Wing.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Doomsday Video (HBO)

cnn produced an actual doomsday video to broadcast when the world is ending and its incredibly dull. Weve enlisted Martin Sheen to help make humanitys...